My name is Patric Wagner and I was born in 1981 in the city of Berlin. 

My passion for photography is deeply rooted in my childhood. My grandma was a talented photographer and book designer, and early on I discovered my curiosity for the art of capturing beautiful moments. I enjoy observing and appreciating the beauty of life. Berlin, the city of my birth, has always made me shine, whether by day or night. The jungle of the big city has brought me countless experiences and inspirations. The diversity of events, whether big or small, bright or dark, is of particular value to me as it makes every single situation unique. I have met many fascinating people, in fantastic places, and I have had the privilege of hearing and witnessing their stories. All these experiences have shaped me.

In 2020, I continued my journey to inspiring Austria, accompanied by my family. Together we roam through life, gather experiences, live stories and grow from them. Photography is a wonderful way for me to pass on stories and capture feelings, emotions and impressions in pictures.

Every moment is unique and will never happen again. I feel these special moments. My motto in photography is: "Only those who see and feel will believe." Every day I search for that one photo that captures the right moment, that achieves the balance between light and dark. I prefer black and white photography because it radiates a clear honesty. Nevertheless, the colors of life are also fascinating and important, and I perceive them in all their splendor. A photo comes from my intuition. It is coherent when it is coherent. Nothing should be posed. Only then is the photo born in all its honesty.

My uniqueness in photography lies in feeling places, seeing people and perceiving what is happening. It's about the feeling, the story and the photo itself.

I am a performance photographer who captures the unique interplay of places, people and technology. My soul blossoms in the depiction of performance art and capturing the intense emotions and expressions that arise in these moments.

When I stand behind my camera, I feel the soulful energy of the place and let it inspire me. I carefully observe the movements, the passion and the subtle nuances that bring a performance to life. My aim is to capture not only the external performance, but also the inner experience that the artists go through in this precious moment.

I also have a deep understanding of the technical side of photography. My wealth of experience and my sense for the right moment enable me to capture the dynamic movements and the intensity of the moment.

I love collaborating with performance artists and documenting their unique talents. Each performance is a spiritual journey for me, developing my skills and expressing my passion for art in a unique way.

If you are looking for a performance photographer who can capture the deeply moving aspects of the performance, the location and the technology in his pictures, I am at your disposal. Together we can capture the magic of the performance and express the emotions and energy in a captivating way.